At Creekside Orthodontics, located in the heart of Billings, MT, we are committed to providing not just exceptional orthodontic services but also comprehensive care that includes a focus on nutritional health. Understanding the significant impact that diet has on orthodontic treatment and overall oral health, we are dedicated to empowering our patients with the knowledge to make wise nutritional choices throughout their orthodontic journey.

Essential Nutrition for Orthodontic Success

We believe that a strong foundation for any orthodontic treatment begins with nutrition. Our experts at Creekside Orthodontics emphasize the importance of a diet rich in nutrients that are crucial for maintaining and enhancing the strength of teeth and the health of gums. We guide our patients in integrating foods high in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D into their diets, ensuring their orthodontic treatment is supported by robust nutritional practices.

Adapting Dietary Habits for Orthodontic Care

Adjusting to orthodontic appliances requires thoughtful consideration of dietary choices to avoid potential damage to braces or aligners. Our team provides tailored advice on modifying your diet to accommodate orthodontic devices, focusing on nutritious foods that are safe and beneficial. We help our patients understand which foods to avoid and offer creative, healthy alternatives that are both satisfying and orthodontic-friendly.

The Role of Hydration in Oral and Orthodontic Health

At Creekside Orthodontics, we highlight the often-overlooked aspect of hydration in maintaining optimal oral health, especially for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. Proper hydration is key to supporting saliva production, which plays a critical role in cleansing the mouth and reducing the risk of decay and gum disease. Our specialists offer practical tips for increasing water intake, enhancing the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments and promoting overall well-being.


Creekside Orthodontics, your trusted billings orthodontist, is dedicated to guiding our patients through a successful orthodontic journey, underpinned by the principles of good nutrition. By focusing on a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and proper hydration, our patients can achieve not only their orthodontic goals but also maintain a lifetime of oral health. Let us partner with you in making informed dietary choices that will benefit both your orthodontic treatment and your overall health, leading to a brighter, healthier smile. Schedule an appointment at Creekside Orthodontics today!