The invisible aligner market is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2026. More people are realizing the ease, discretion, and comfort Invisalign can offer!

Invisalign can help you straighten your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. We can close the gaps between your teeth to avoid potential tooth decay, too!

Despite the popularity surrounding Invisalign treatment, many people don’t know how to get Invisalign.

Are you interested in starting Invisalign treatment yourself? Here is the guide to Invisalign you need to succeed! By following the Invisalign process, you can straighten your teeth right away.

You can also avoid common mistakes that might impact your treatment results.

Ready to get started? Read on to learn more! 

1. Your Consultation

First, you’ll need to schedule a consultation appointment with our orthodontist. We’ll determine if you have orthodontic issues that make you an ideal candidate. For example, Invisalign treatment is ideal for:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overcrowding

You’re likely not a candidate if you have more severe issues, though. For example, Invisalign might not help with rotated or severely angled teeth. They might not close large spaces, either.

Speak with our orthodontist about your treatment options. We can help you determine if Invisalign treatment is right for you.

As your local Invisalign provider, we’ll help you discover how to get Invisalign with ease!

2. Creating Your Trays

If our orthodontist considers you an ideal candidate, we’ll gather more information about your dental health. First, they’ll need to take photos of your face and smile. They’ll need dental X-rays as well.

Our orthodontist will use a scanner to create a 3D replica of your mouth. Some orthodontic offices take impressions using a mold instead. A 3D scanner can create a more accurate dental impression, though.

Our orthodontist will use a handheld want and wave it over your mouth. Once we’re done, we’ll have a 3D model of your teeth and gums.

This 3D model will ensure we create Invisalign trays that fit perfectly around your teeth! It also helps us create a simulation. You can see what your teeth will look like after your Invisalign treatment is complete.

Seeing your future smile can help you recognize how effective Invisalign treatment really is.

Once our orthodontist completes the scan, we’ll send the digital files to the Invisalign site. Lab technicians will create your customized aligners before sending them back to our orthodontist.

You’ll receive several pairs of aligners. Each tray usually moves your teeth about 1/10mm. How many trays you need will depend on the duration of your treatment.

3. Receiving Your Aligners

It can take some time before our orthodontist receives your trays. Once they do, you can schedule your next appointment. 


Our Invisalign provider will walk you through the treatment process. You’ll need to learn how to take your aligners in and out. Our orthodontist will show you how to take care of your aligners, too.

Usually, you’ll wear each pair of aligners for a week, between 20 and 22 hours a day.

4. Ensuring the Best Results

It’s important to follow the proper instructions when wearing your aligners. Otherwise, you might experience a delay in your treatment. You might need to extend how long you’ll wear your aligners as a result.

Now that you know how to get Invisalign, here’s your guide to Invisalign treatment.

Keep Your Retainers On

First, it’s important to wear your Invisalign aligners every day. If you take your aligners out too often, your teeth won’t move into place. Again, this can cause an unnecessary delay.

You can take your aligners out when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Otherwise, keep your aligners in. Remember, you’ll need to wear your aligners between 20 and 22 hours a day.

It can take time to get into the routine. As soon as you’re done eating, brush and floss your teeth. Then, place your aligners back in.

When measuring Invisalign pros and cons, consider your level of self-discipline. Can you remind yourself to put your aligners back in? If not, you might want to consider another form of treatment.

Clean Your Aligners

Talk to our Invisalign provider about cleaning your aligners. If your aligners aren’t clean, bacteria can spread to your gums and teeth. Bacteria builds against your aligners, even during the night.

Bacteria can lead to bad breath, plaque, or tartar formation. 

Cleaning your aligners will keep your teeth clean and breath fresh.

Rinse your aligners to remove saliva and plaque build-up. Then, give them a quick brush. You can also soak your aligners in Invisalign cleaning crystals.

Keep Them in Your Case

If you’re not using your aligners, it’s important to keep them in a protective case. Otherwise, you might damage or lose your aligners.

Bacteria could build against your aligners, too.

Remain Patient

Once you learn how to get Invisalign, it’s important to remain patient. Treatment can take time. How long your treatment will last depends on the severity of your case. 

5. Follow-Up Appointments

You’ll need to schedule follow-up appointments with our orthodontist. We’ll determine how your treatment is progressing. We might have you return to a previous set of trays if there’s a delay.

Our orthodontist might make tweaks to your treatment plan, too. Refinements will ensure you reach optimal results. 

6. Retainers

Once your teeth are in place, you’ll need to schedule another appointment with our orthodontist. We’ll give you retainers to keep your teeth from reverting to their previous state. Your retainers will look similar to your Invisalign aligners.

You might need to wear your retainers at all times or only at night.

How to Get Invisalign: Your Guide to the Invisalign Treatment Process

Now that you know how to get Invisalign, don’t wait! Start your treatment right away. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can discover your stunning smile. 

Not sure if you’re an ideal candidate? We can help.

Schedule a consultation appointment with us today to get started!