There are few things that can permanently improve someone’s quality of life as much as proper orthodontic care. Every year, demand in the United States alone for orthodontic services creates a market worth more than $12 billion! To fill this demand, the orthodontic industry employs more than 83,000 people just in America.

Of course, with an industry that big, there are bound to be plenty of myths about orthodontics. Many people do not understand all of the situations where it is appropriate to visit Creekside Orthodontics for orthodontic care. Other people have misconceptions about what Orthodontic Care looks like in the modern age.

Unfortunately, these myths keep many people from seeking out the orthodontic care that could benefit them. So what exactly are these myths, and what is the truth about them? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about orthodontic care and the misconceptions about it!

1. Adults Cannot Receive Treatment From Their Local Orthodontist

Many years ago, very few adults would ever receive orthodontic care. Some people still believe that orthodontic treatment is only for younger people. However, while that idea used to have some basis in fact, it is now very out-of-date.

One of the biggest reasons that orthodontic treatment is now popular among adults is because it is so much less invasive than it used to be. Modern orthodontic treatments are more comfortable and more subtle than traditional braces.

On top of that, adults sometimes develop mouth health issues that require orthodontic treatment. Working with the right orthodontist can help people avoid gum disease and tooth decay. It can also help people avoid tension in their jaw or grinding their teeth.

2. Choosing an Orthodontist Is Unnecessary if You Have a Dentist

Some people think that they do not need family orthodontics services if they already have a dentist. However, what is an orthodontist? An orthodontist learns the most effective and helpful techniques for helping people change the shape of their jaw and teeth alignment.

Some dentists have a certain amount of education in these areas as well. However, they will generally not know as much as those who specialize in orthodontics. On top of that, dentists will not have nearly the same kind of experience that professional orthodontists will.

3. Even the Best Orthodontist Will Take Years to Provide Treatment

Many myths about orthodontics are just old truths that have now become false. As technology has evolved, so has the efficacy and convenience of orthodontic care. These days, orthodontic treatment progresses much more rapidly than it used to.

Traditional braces often took several years to achieve their intended effect. However, these days, modern braces or invisible aligners are often capable of achieving the intended effect within a single year.

4. Orthodontic Care Is Extremely Expensive

Did you know that the top of the Washington Monument is made of aluminum? Why would the builders use such a cheap material for such an auspicious edifice?

The answer is that many years ago, aluminum was one of the most expensive materials on the entire planet. These days, of course, aluminum is so cheap that people throw it away without even thinking about it.

This expresses an important fact about technology. Things that used to be extremely difficult and expensive to achieve often become much cheaper and easier to achieve as technology progresses. The same applies to the world of orthodontics.

It used to be difficult and expensive to help people align their teeth properly. That meant that only people with significant resources could invest in orthodontic care.

However, that is now very far from the truth. These days, orthodontic care has become more affordable and efficient. That has made it more popular than ever!

5. You Do Not Need to Go Into the Office for Orthodontic Treatment

Some people think that they can manage orthodontic treatment entirely on their own. Some companies offer to mail people aligners with the hope that this will suffice to straighten their teeth. However, it is still important to receive proper attention from a professional orthodontist.

It is worth remembering that companies that mail aligners to people have only been around for a few years. Someday, mail-based orthodontics might be just as effective as going into the office. However, that day has still not come.

It is important to go to the orthodontist’s office to check if your orthodontic treatment is proceeding correctly. If it is not, it is important to catch that fact as soon as possible.

You may need a change in your treatment plan to avoid causing you long-term problems. Avoiding this can mean having to go to the orthodontist anyway years later to resolve serious teeth alignment issues.

6. Braces Are Inconvenient

Anybody who knows anything about traditional metal braces knows how inconvenient they are. However, that does not mean that modern orthodontic treatment is also inconvenient.

These days, you can use clear braces that are extremely subtle. That means that people will generally not notice them in conversation or in pictures. Even if you are worried about that, you can actually remove modern invisible braces for short amounts of time if you really need to.

In fact, it is routine to do so while eating and brushing your teeth. This ability alone means that you do not have to worry about avoiding certain foods or using special tools to clean around metal braces that you cannot remove.

7. Invisible Braces Don’t Work on Serious Issues

Some people have heard about how convenient modern invisible braces can be. However, there is a myth that these types of braces are only capable of handling small cosmetic issues. The truth is that modern invisible aligners are capable of treating a wide range of teeth alignment issues.

No matter what your situation, there is a reasonable chance that invisible aligners might be part of your treatment plan. It is worth checking with a quality orthodontist before giving up on this convenient option.

Creekside Orthodontics: Understand Common Orthodontic Myths

We hope learning about common orthodontic myths has been helpful for you. Creekside Orthodontics can help people manage their orthodontic concerns. Many people have misconceptions about whether or not they should seek orthodontic care, so speaking with the professionals can often help them achieve clarity.

To learn more about what orthodontic care might be able to do for your situation, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!