Do you hide your smile behind your hand when you’re in a social setting? Is every picture of you tight-lipped with a close-mouthed smile? Or are you suffering from bad breath or difficulties chewing?

If this sounds like you, these may be signs you need braces. Whether you’re an adult or concerned about your child, it’s never too late to get braces. And, in fact, they can help to prevent further dental issues and discomfort. 

We’re here to help straighten that smile with eight telltale signs that you need braces and how to schedule a consultation today.

1. You Have an Overbite or Over-Jet

Almost everyone has a smidge of an overbite, where the top teeth overlap slightly over the bottom teeth. This is normal and healthy. However, if you have a significant overbite, it may be time to address it with braces.

When you bite down, notice how much of your lower teeth you can see. If most of your lower teeth are hidden by your upper teeth, you have a more severe overbite. A severe overbite may cause early wear of teeth and other dental issues.

An over-jet, on the other hand, is if you have top teeth protruding out over the lower teeth. This puts your lower teeth at risk of trauma but you can correct it with braces and rubber bands in most cases.

2. You Have an Underbite

This is the opposite of having an overbite. It happens when your bottom teeth overlap over your upper teeth. You may find that you have difficulty chewing if you have an underbite.

Severe underbites may cause a distorted appearance in your face or accelerate the aging process in your face. Get your confidence back and choose the best type of braces for you to solve your underbite and get you smiling again!

3. You Have Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are the most obvious sign that you need braces and the affliction most commonly associated with braces. Also referred to as crowding, this occurs for a number of reasons such as not having enough space in your jaw or adult teeth growing around baby teeth.

Crooked teeth are often a cause of low self-esteem and you may find it difficult to adequately clean crowded teeth. If you’re unable to clean your teeth properly it may cause tooth decay, gum disease, or bad breath. This is solved by getting braces.

Your crooked teeth may be getting you down, but your braces don’t have to. Invisalign is an alternative option to traditional braces and is much more discreet. Fixing your crooked teeth while keeping you confident. 

4. You Have an Open Bite

Open bites usually occur because of genetics. However, perpetual thumb-suckers or overuse of pacifiers may find that an open bite forms over a long time.

This is when the top and bottom teeth don’t touch and there is a significant gap. An open bit causes speech problems and makes it challenging to chew.

5. You Have a Crossbite

Crossbites are abnormal and should not be left untreated as it can lead to a number of problems. This is when an upper tooth crosse behind a lower opposing tooth or when your teeth don’t meet on each side.

Crossbites can cause asymmetric jaw growth, gum recession, and accelerated teeth wear. Depending on what causes the crossbite, braces can align your teeth and solve the problem. Other times it may require a realigning of your jaw.

6. You Have a Tooth Gap

Maybe you have only one significant tooth gap or a more noticeable case of many gaps between your teeth. This is the opposite of crowding. You may be missing a tooth or have a large jaw. Tooth caps can cause dental issues.

However, most of the time the biggest concern is a lack of self-confidence. Luckily, it is easily solved with braces.

7. Pain and Difficulty Chewing

Not all dental problems are visible. If you’re finding that you have pain in your jaw and mouth a trip to the orthodontist is in order. Pain in the mouth should never be ignored if it’s consistent.

The same goes for difficulty biting and chewing. Do you find yourself frequently biting your cheeks or tongue? This may be because of crooked or misaligned teeth. The orthodontist will diagnose the issue and provide you with relief.

8. You are Experiencing Speech Issues

Struggling to speak clearly is frustrating, scary, and embarrassing. And while speech issues may be a symptom of many things, it might also be due to an orthodontic issue.

Maybe you have difficulty saying certain words or sounds, and if this is the case, a quick trip to the orthodontist may resolve your issues. While visiting the dentist always seems intimidating, it’s the best thing for you if you’re experiencing speech issues and can’t figure out what might be causing it. 

Are You Noticing the Signs You Need Braces? 

Have you been reading this and finding that one or more of these points is relatable for you? Head over to the nearest mirror, give yourself a huge smile and take note of your teeth. Maybe it’s simple aesthetics and you’d like to correct teeth issues to give yourself some more confidence.

But maybe the signs you need braces are a bit more serious, impeding your ability to chew, speak or enjoy your life to the max. 

Here at Creekside Orthodontics, we are family-friendly experts offering comprehensive care. We can help identify whether you need braces and advise you on the best options for you. Don’t hesitate to request an appointment today and let’s turn that frown upside down!